Starting and running a small business is no easy feat. There are many obstacles and plenty of fierce competition. Nevertheless, by following some proven strategies and best practices, you can increase your chances of building a profitable and sustainable small business for the long haul. 

    Have a Solid Business Plan

    Before taking the entrepreneurial leap, you need a well-researched and thoroughly thought-out business plan. Carefully determine exactly what products or services you will offer, identify your ideal target customers, plan how you’ll effectively reach them, and pinpoint what unique selling points will make your business stand apart. Crunch all the numbers to forecast realistic expenses, set competitive pricing, and ensure you have enough financial runway with sufficient startup capital. 

    Know Your Competition Inside-Out

    Make sure you research your competitors extensively beforehand. Study their offerings, identify their strengths and weaknesses compared to your planned business model. Look for gaps, niches, and opportunities in the market that you can uniquely fill with fresh value that competitors are overlooking. 

    Market Smartly and Creatively

    Even the most amazing innovative product or premium service will not gain traction and sell itself without effective, smart marketing from day one. Use free or very low-cost marketing tactics like social media, customer referral programs, local advertising, and strategic partnerships. Get creative to build buzz around your brand. 

    Deliver Awesome Customer Service

    Providing genuinely exceptional customer service at all customer touchpoints must be an obsessive priority at all times. Go above and beyond to exceed customer expectations consistently. Satisfied customers are loyal ones who will enthusiastically recommend your business to their friends, family and peers. The experts over at Apello recommend using a professional answering service if needed so that you never miss opportunities.

    Embrace Modern Technology 

    Take full advantage of the latest technology tools and software platforms to streamline operations and improve the overall customer experience. From mobile-friendly websites and apps to automation software and AI assistants, integrating the right modern tech can give you vital competitive edges over stodgy competitors still using inefficient, outdated methods and systems.

    Stay Lean & Agile

    Don’t rashly overextend your resources too quickly before you are established. Start small and lean, growing steadily based on real consumer demand and revenue. Minimize unnecessary costs and expenses. Outsource non-essential tasks affordably when possible. Preserving consistent cash flow is crucial for small business survival.      

    Learn Constantly and Adapt Quickly

    The most successful small businesses never become complacent, they never stop learning, evolving and adapting nimbly. Study the latest industry trends, get advice from experienced mentors, and take advantage of free educational training resources. Maintaining an open growth mindset to continually gaining new knowledge and valuable skills is absolutely invaluable for tackling new challenges as they inevitably arise.

    Nurture Relationships Proactively  

    Strong relationships across many verticals are the backbone and lifeblood of truly great businesses. Prioritize proactively building rapport, loyalty and trust with customers, suppliers, partners, local community members and influencers. Actively fostering positive networks breeds incredible opportunities, referrals, ideas, and channels for future growth.  

    Persevere with Grit  

    Every small business faces seemingly insurmountable obstacles, unexpected emergencies and demoralizing setbacks at some point. You must have the fundamental grit, resilience, and problem-solving skills to improvise when needed and persevere through the rough patches. Challenges make you stronger if you persevere with an opportunistic mindset and a relentless will to push forward.


    Building and operating a thriving small business long-term is an immense challenge filled with risks, but also immensely rewarding if you succeed. Taking a strategic approach, embracing a mindset of continuous learning, and relentlessly executing on the fundamental best practices means you can statistically beat the odds and achieve extraordinary small business success over the long run.

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