Delhi, a bustling hub of innovation and entrepreneurship, offers a vibrant coworking ecosystem tailored to meet the needs of startups. From sleek office designs to essential amenities, coworking spaces provide an ideal environment for collaboration and growth. Here’s a look at the top affordable coworking spaces in Delhi that are perfect for startups.

    1. 91springboard – Okhla

    Location: Okhla Phase II, Delhi


    • Flexible Plans: Offers hourly, daily, and monthly plans.
    • Amenities: High-speed internet, conference rooms, and a vibrant community.
    • Networking Events: Regular events to connect with other entrepreneurs and industry experts.

    91springboard in Okhla is a popular choice for startups seeking a flexible and dynamic work environment. With its strategic location and diverse membership plans, it caters to various needs, from freelancers to growing teams.

    2. Innov8 – Connaught Place

    Location: Connaught Place, Delhi


    • Central Location: Situated in the heart of Delhi, easily accessible by metro.
    • Design & Ambiance: Modern interiors with a focus on productivity and creativity.
    • Community Support: Access to a network of professionals and regular community events.

    Innov8 is known for its aesthetically pleasing workspace and prime location. Startups here benefit from the central location, fostering connections and collaborations.

    3. WeWork – Cyber City

    Location: Cyber City, Gurgaon (near Delhi)


    • Global Network: Access to WeWork spaces worldwide.
    • Professional Environment: Premium office setup with essential amenities.
    • Flexibility: Varied membership options to suit different business needs.

    Though slightly outside Delhi, WeWork Cyber City is a prominent coworking space offering a professional setting with the advantage of a global network, ideal for startups looking to scale.

    4. CoWrks – Aerocity

    Location: Aerocity, Delhi


    • Modern Infrastructure: State-of-the-art facilities and ergonomic designs.
    • Support Services: Administrative support, IT services, and more.
    • Prime Location: Located in Aerocity, near the airport, ideal for businesses with frequent travel needs.

    CoWrks in Aerocity combines modern infrastructure with comprehensive support services, making it a great choice for startups aiming for a polished, corporate feel without the hefty price tag.

    5. The Office Pass (TOP) – South Delhi

    Location: South Delhi


    • Affordable Pricing: Budget-friendly plans with no hidden charges.
    • Local Community: A strong community of local startups and SMEs.
    • Essential Amenities: High-speed Wi-Fi, printing services, and meeting rooms.

    The Office Pass offers a cost-effective solution for startups looking to minimize overheads while still enjoying essential office amenities and a supportive community.

    6. Spring House – Hauz Khas

    Location: Hauz Khas Village, Delhi


    • Creative Vibe: Located in a vibrant area known for its creative energy.
    • Flexible Memberships: Options for hot desks, dedicated desks, and private cabins.
    • Community Events: Regular workshops and events for networking and learning.

    Spring House in Hauz Khas provides a creative and dynamic environment perfect for startups in the tech or creative industries. Its flexible membership options and community events make it a great place to grow.

    7. Awfis – Saket

    Location: Saket, Delhi


    • Tech-Enabled: Equipped with smart office solutions and technology.
    • Customizable Spaces: Options to tailor the workspace to your needs.
    • Accessibility: Convenient location with easy access to public transport.

    Awfis in Saket stands out for its tech-enabled workspace and the ability to customize office layouts. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for startups with specific space requirements.


    Finding the right coworking space in Delhi can significantly impact the growth and success of a startup. Whether you’re looking for a central location, budget-friendly options, or a community-driven environment, Delhi’s coworking landscape has something to offer. These top picks provide a blend of affordability, flexibility, and essential amenities, making them ideal choices for emerging startups.


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